Sundial Management

Managing the Carleton Lodge For Over 11 Years

Being Whistler’s only property management company that offers the customer service of a boutique firm, with the 24/7 resources of a hotel, we are able to maximize your rental income while protecting your property and ensuring a flawless stay for guests who are eager to return year after year.

Since 2004, Sundial Management has been working with Carleton Lodge owners to provide first-class, around the clock service, resulting in peace of mind for owners and lasting memories for guests.

What sets Sundial Management apart from other rental managers?

We combine the day-to-day services of managing individual suites in Carleton Lodge with those of Sundial Boutique Hotel, located right next door. This means we can offer more than any other rental management company, including:

24/7 lobby services: With Guest Service Agents on call at all times, we can respond to an emergency within minutes and offer the security that others can’t.

Housekeeping services: Our team of trained professionals give your property the extra TLC to keep long-term maintenance costs down.

Maintenance: Our team is on call to perform maintenance on your rental property at all times, ensuring that your investment is protected at all times from any unexpected issue that may come up.

Accounting and income management: We look after your earnings and issue monthly payments on schedule. As well, we maximize profits by managing the room rate depending on occupancy levels and demand.

Parking: We offer extra overflow parking and pay revenue directly to you.

Dedicated booking website with marketing power: Guests can easily book accommodation through our mobile-friendly website and receive updates on special offers through our advertising and monthly newsletters.

Personal services and concierge for owners: Our friendly staff is always available to book a table at a great restaurant, answer questions or help owners with their property needs.

Guest screening: We make sure your guests are reliable and trustworthy through our screening process.

Owner reservations and calendar management: We take your needs into consideration first, allowing you to choose when you will be staying at the property. Our staff is here for your needs.

Carleton brand perks: As the management company for the majority of the suites at the Carleton, you are part of a strong brand name. Because we own, renting your property with us is more successful than marketing your single unit. We also partner with on-site Carleton businesses to offer exclusive rates on food, rentals and activities for owners and guests.

How do we plan to increase your rental income?

As a local company with deep roots in Whistler’s vibrant community, we know that great people and great relationships make all the difference when it comes to running a business. With more than 25 years in the Whistler tourism industry, and over 11 years managing suites in the Carleton Lodge, we know how to sell your property and have outperformed in the market year after year. Our contacts with travel agents and clients around the globe help us attract international visitors every year, but it’s our warm and welcoming team that ensures they come back. We promise to treat your property as if it’s our own.

Ask to speak with David Demers, Owner and General Manager with any questions you have about your rental property needs.